Maddie Kennedy at the Wing Soho

Maddie Kennedy founded Field Studies after a Google search and this side hustle has had multiple evolutions since early Fall of 2018.

From typography design and creative direction to designing the next physical space for a Pop Up, Field Studies has provided me experience in the world of entrepreneurship that aren't replicable in any other way than doing, living and growing one challenge at a time. 

Currently an expression of gesture drawing and a passion for bad ass women & street wear. 

I'm passionate about creating opportunities of growth for business owners. From working with individuals with a nugget of an idea to scaling multi-million dollar businesses, I'm always ready and willing to sit down and strategize.

At Shopify I work to design high impact educational content in the form of workshops and training sessions to help merchants successfully launch, build and grow businesses on Shopify.

Human-centred at my core I work to build community and connect the right people with each other to see everyone succeed. Specifically skilled in telling your brand's story, social media marketing, theme design and customer acquisition. 


For general inquiries, you can reach me via email at info@fieldstudiesco.com

For e-commerce related questions please connect with me on Linkedin here

For speaking engagements connect with me at requests@fieldstudiesco.com


For a digital commission please use the contact form below!  

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